Precise farming made simple

Apply nitrogen with precision and make better decisions on your farm.

See the benefits of Atfarm

Apply nitrogen where it’s needed on your fields and see higher yield and quality.

Monitor how your crops develop and compare fields throughout the season.

Fertilise variably even if you don’t have a variable spreader.

Atfarm is powered by Yara's N-sensor algorithm.

Our team of scientists created a powerful technology that measures the crop growth of your fields using satellite technology.

Our algorithm looks for growth differences and based on that creates variable application maps for your N-fertilisation. 

It's simple.

Draw or upload your fields

Variable-rate application addresses fertilisation needs on your fields to create a competitive advantage.

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Crop Monitoring

Atfarm helps you to monitor the growth of your fields with satellite images. Detect anomalies and make informed decisions.

Variable-Rate Fertilisation

Create variable-rate application maps with Atfarm using state of the art satellite imagery.

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